What Makes A Man A Thief?

What leads a man to become a thief.?

A thief at one time  was  just an ordinary man like you and me. I don't  think a person sets out to be come a thief. A preson who wants to become  adoctor  or lawyer, sets  out  to do so and  studies to get his doctors liscense or  to pass the bar exam. once they get  their  liscense they can work and  help people.


It is a different  kind of  person who becomes a thief. Maybe he  has  been to the  school of  hard  knocks and  failed so many times at  everything  he does,

he just  gives  up. Yet he  has to live and support  his family so how  else  is he going to get money for  food and  the things he  needs, except  by taking  it  from others, In  his  mind they have  far to much anyway, and  dont  need  it  all, so he takes  some. but instead of  taking  just  a little  he  takes  it all and leaves them with nothing.


In the life lessons he  has been through, he  has  learned a lot. He  has  learned to be sly and  cunning, deceitful and  bold.He has learned to twist  words to make  himself  look like  the innocent party, and  to make a tall tale  sound  believable.


So  why couldnt  this person who is so glib and articulate,be a college professor, or a top salesman, or executive in some  honest  profession.Is  it  lack of  drive? Not sticking  with it and  following  through  until the end, Why?


Part of  it might  be that  they are lazy and  just  give  up  before the end you know what i mean,  they

stop before  they see the  light at  the end  of  the tunnel. http://josephcox.hubpages.com/t/27bb29What  if  they just  don't  have  the drive  it  takes  to finish?


By the same  token if  a thief takes my  wallet and  gets  my  $1000.00 , he has completed his mission. That was his job and  he did it, and  he is a success. Every one  wants to succeed and  be looked  up to. Even a thief is looked  up to by his  fellow  thieves, if  he  does a good   job and steals  more than they do.http://www.squidoo.com/the-duke-had -a-son-named-heine

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  • goldstay  15-08-2014
    There are many factors to consider on how a man can become thief but I do believe that the most common factor for such is the lack education and enlightenment to distinguish what is right and what is wrong.
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